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6 responses to “We’ve Moved!

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  2. Keanu Reeves? Oh dear… Just did a Google image search on that film and it looks naff as naff 😀

    Great review, you’ve made me want to read this. I read a lot of vampire books in my child and teen years, but never this one! So I’ll give it a go.

  3. Love this review! Not sure how I would cope reading a book entirely of journal entries, lettings and news clippings though.

  4. Steph if you like Vampires you have to read Dracula! It is the best by far and you will find out all teh original Vampire rules. For example, in Dracula he can obviously turn into a bat but also smoke, dogs and even stuff like frogs!

    Angelina it is strange all in journal entries but it is really well done and is actually very fast paced for a classic!


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