Magic Catalogue of Project Gutenberg

Hello all, well I have now read about 50 books of the 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die list and with the addition of these to all my other books I have run out of storage room. I have even had to send a few boxes of books out to the in-laws!

Anyway, to help me along the way and to save of money and space, my lovely wife bought me a Kindle for Christmas. Now I know a lot of people hate the idea of Kindle’s and prefer good old paperbacks, and I used to think the same, but the Kindle is surprisingly enjoyable to read on.

As it isn’t backlit, like a computer screen or tablet, it is very easy on the eyes and with the size of the pages and text I find myself getting through books a lot quicker! It is also easy to carry about, pretty sturdy and only needs charging once a month.

Now, the best thing about the Kindle I have found so far is the Magic Catalogue of Project Gutenberg. For those who don’t know, the Magic Catalogue is a huge list of public domain books (novels with intellectual property rights that have expired) that have been turned into Kindle books and are available completely for free!

As you can imagine, with the 1,001 Books list mainly made up of classics, I have been able to find most of them for free on the Magic Catalogue of Project Gutenberg, which is going to make this challenge a lot less expensive!

Anyway, for all you Kindle users interested in getting a load of free books you can find the Magic Catalogue here: Magic Catalogue of Project Gutenberg

P.S. as you can see from the image above you can now get my publishing company’s first novel, Pure Bred Chihuahua by Marco Zaffino, on the Kindle. Download it here: Pure Bred Chihuahua


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5 responses to “Magic Catalogue of Project Gutenberg

  1. I also got a Kindle for Christmas. I’m loving it thus far, even though I feel like I’m going over to the Dark Side… 😛

    • I think the whole thing is a bit like CD’s vs MP3, and what we have now is a situation where most people download a lot of music but if it is a particular favourite band they buy the CD.

      I think the same with this, I am downloading a lot of books that I have never read but I still have paperbacks of all my favourites which I will never get rid of. 🙂

      • Yeah. The only frustration is that there’s a lot of DRM involved, so with a Kindle you have to buy books from Amazon. I wish there were a more universal standard file format for e-books…

        I still have a large collection of paperbacks that I’m not neglecting. Kindles are good for late-night reading and travels, but paperbacks are still nice for just relaxing with a good book.

  2. I used Gutenberg all the time when I had a Sony reader but for some reason thought you couldn’t use it with a kindle. It’s great news to find out that I can!

    • Yep Sam you definitely can and it is brilliant! Just download the file onto your computer, plug in your kindle and drag and drop the file into the plugged in device file. Then once it’s on there you can just browse the titles and download any of them straight from the list to the device 🙂

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