The Devil’s Pool – George Sand

Title: The Devil’s Pool

Author: George Sand

Publication Date: 1846

Review Score: 7/10

Published in 1846, The Devil’s Pool is set in rural France and tells the story of a peasant farmer named Germain, who has lost his wife and has been left with 3 small children who need a mother. Although Germain is still heartbroken from the loss of his wife, his farther in law convinces him of the need to find a new mother for his children.

Germain sets out to meet a woman in a neighbouring village who is also a widow and has no children of her own. The match would appear perfect but Germain soon realises that although he should want this woman his heart belongs to another.

The Devil’s Pool is a little known novel but is rather charming. Having been written over 150 years ago the style and pace is not what you would get from a more modern novel but the story of unrequited love transcends time and is as relevant today as it was when first written.

The characters are instantly likeable and the poetic way in which George Sand describes the scenes really makes them come to life. What’s more, the insights into the way of life in rural France during this time is highly interesting and almost act as a preservation of an age and traditions that were soon after forgotten.

It is not an exciting or exhilarating novel but it is very enjoyable, easy to read and deserving of its place in literary history.

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